Why I Gave Up Coffee for the Sake of My Nervous System

I love coffee. I love the way it tastes and the ritual around drinking it. Even as I eliminated food item after food item to elevate my state of consciousness, I couldn’t face the thought of life without coffee. After learning more about the nervous system and its importance in maintaining a high vibration, and thus attracting high-vibe situations, I zeroed in on how coffee affects the nervous system.

Our nervous system is responsible for controlling the body’s movements, its reaction to stress and managing the senses. Called the computer of the body, the nervous system also holds the keys to our energetic vibration.

With modern life growing more demanding by the day, our nervous systems take the brunt of the constant stress. We are more alert today than ever before, but not for life-threatening reasons. Every time a stressful situation arises at work, home or anywhere in between, our flight-or-fight response activates and the system prepares for an emergency. Our lifestyles today diametrically oppose fostering a strong nervous system.

Weak nervous systems can only hold high-vibration emotions like joy, love and abundance for short amounts of time. That means that no matter how hard you work or how positive your outlook is, if your nervous system cannot facilitate high vibrations, the feelings will not stay for long. Even in meditation, the experience will only be as deep as the nervous system is strong. Reaching elevated states of consciousness depends on the system’s ability to hold these higher vibrations.

The nervous system also determines our ability to handle stress. When someone’s “nerves are fried”, any little thing can set them off because they have reached their capacity to hold high vibrations. Strong nervous systems keep us calm when life gets difficult and allows us to move through trying times with greater ease.

Learning these facts came as a shock. I was working so hard to raise my vibe and I sure as hell wasn’t going to wash it down the drain with a weak nervous system.

Kundalini, breathwork and certain foods can help counteract any damage done and strengthen the system. I’ve been doing kundalini every morning, avoiding low vibration foods as much as I can and taking adaptogenic herbs. The only thing left standing was my favorite caffeinated drink.

Coffee activates the stress response in the nervous system and the side effect comes in the form of alertness. After drinking even half of a cup of coffee, the adrenals surge and the nervous system responds by moving into hyperdrive. Eventually, the overworking of these systems weakens them and hinders their ability to function. Ultimately, the drink we reach for the most to get us through the day actually does more harm than good.

As I started slowly cutting back, it dawned on me that, similar to hard drugs like heroin, the body has a physical reaction to eliminating caffeine. Think about that. One day without coffee and the body shows us exactly what we’ve been doing to it. The headaches, lethargy and irritability stem directly from our overworked nerves, we just don’t have caffeine serving as a veneer for the symptoms.

Since I only brought my intake down by a fourth every day, my first 24 hours without coffee in nearly seven years proved less of a battle than I expected. I slept better, felt less anxious and had more than enough energy to get me through the day. What I never stopped to ask was, “Why am I so tired that I need a stimulant to prepare me to live my life?” Once I started making life changes for my highest good, I no longer needed something to force me to face the day.

I really missed the ritual of drinking coffee when I woke up, so I bought a rich decaf tea and started mixing in hemp milk. Still providing a warming effect, the tea has a similar consistency to coffee and feels nourishing rather than desensitizing. Rasa Koffee makes an alternative out of adaptogens for your morning ritual. Using a French press, you can still get the energetic lift and similar taste of coffee while padding your system with powerful herbs.

If you don’t want to give up coffee, don’t. Just keep an open mind about possibly getting more sleep, picking up more nourishing habits or spending more time in stillness. I always thought that I drew the line at giving up coffee, but one day my body called and I answered. Slowly decreasing my intake simply felt right for me and eventually, I found that I actually had more energy after listening to my body.

The nervous system is vitally important to our life on Earth, taking care of it can elevate our time here and make it the best it can be. Test a few things out and check in with your body’s response. I promise it won’t lie.